How to cheat in Homescapes and options for free coins

Homescapes is a game available for mobile devices that is surprising interesting and entertaining. The game introduces you Austin and his actions to avoid selling house by his parents. Your main goal in the game is to change mind of Austin’s parents by repairing various things in house. There are various tasks to complete – from painting walls to fixing furniture.

What Homescapes is?

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Each level is a board with colorful rocks. Every task you must complete has an amount of moves you can do. You may remove these stones with several different configurations. There are also some cheats you can use. In this article you can find a way to get and use hack ways for Homescapes that work for real and that are free.

Thanks to these Homescapes cheats you’ll be able to level higher without purchasing anything. You must know that the game has a wide range of micro-transactions that may be paid but with us you can save all cash you can spend. It causes that our special generator with an apk mod is very popular among users who visit it regularly. And you can become one of them and enjoy it to hack Homescapes with iPhone and Android devices too.

More details of Homescapes and cheats you can use

Cheat ways for Homescapes are available for all players of the game. Some of them concern your gameplay, other tricks are connected with hacking specific items like free coins for example. But everything starts also the same way – first you must download the game into your device.

Homescapes is available for iOS and Android. It makes it popular among various people from different stages of life. Fortunately hack options we share are compatible both with iPhone appliances and Android smartphones and tablets. Thanks to this an adder may be used by all people who can download this game.


A gameplay and its tricks you can use in Homescapes

You must match puzzles in your gameplay. It’s available to do it easier with special power-ups. For all you need, you can also pay with micro-transactions or with free coins you can get with a system we offer you.What “normal” power-ups can you use in Homescapes?

What “normal” power-ups can you use in Homescapes?

  • ROCKET (clears 1 row or column) – match 4 items in a straight line
  • PLANE (clears 4 surrounding spaces, then 1 additional in another area) – match 4 in a square
  • RAINBOW BALL (removes all of one type of specific element) – match 5 in a straight line
  • BOMB (clears many surrounding spaces) – match 5 in a “T” or “L” arrangement.

But you can use also unusual power-ups combos. What can you obtain this way?

  1. 2 ROCKETS – clears 1 row and 1 column
  2. 2 BOMBS – clears a large surrounding area on the board
  3. 2 PAPER PLANES – clears a few surrounding spaces, then 3 spaces in different areas
  4. 2 RAINBOW BALLS – clears entire board
  5. 1 RAINBOW BALL + 1 ROCKET, PLANE, or BOMB – multiplies the swapped power-up, then all copies of the power-up are activated
  6. 1 ROCKET + 1 BOMB – clears 3 rows and 3 columns
  7. 1 PLANE, 1 ROCKET OR BOMB – clears 4 surrounding spaces, then activates swapped power-up in another area.

There are the most important Homescapes free to use tricks you can implement into your gameplay. To complete the whole level, you must complete the board and do your tasks. It allows you to get stars you need to go into higher levels.

A role of bonuses and cheats you can use in your gameplay

Sometimes you have option to choose boosters that may be helpful in higher levels. For all other things you can pay with real money and buy currency or get some Homescapes free coins hacking them with a the adder.

It’s hard to play the game without additional coins. It means that a full Homescapes free mode doesn’t exist for players. But you can be smarter and generate coins except buying them. And thanks to this you can say that your gameplay doesn’t cost you anything more than 5 minutes of your time.


Other additional and important details of Homescapes and its options in iOS and Android

The game is limited based on an amount of levels you can play. But if you’re able to pay a little… You can play more, of course. You need coins to have an option to play the same level more times to pass it.

Other completed tasks mean also unlocking next rooms from Austin’s house. There are plenty various rooms to unblock so Homescapes may be the game for a longer time, even if you cheat a little and use free coins.

A short review of Homescapes based on iOS and using it with a hack method

Playing the game with a Homescapes hack ios is easier than playing it with money you must spend so let’s focus on features of this game. First of all, the game has nice to ear music and quite interesting dialogues between Austin and his parents. Thanks to this, Homescapes has a plot and it make it even more immersing.

The bad thing is a fact that some levels are very hard to complete. Happily, it’s possible to use a Homescapes hack and thanks to this take an advantage of cheats without spending real money.

Free coins and a way to get them for Homescapes

It’s time to familiarize with currency before you start using a Homescapes cheat method. 2020 may be free from paying for coins in Homescapes and you can get these cheats both with iOS and Android.

Remember that Homescapes free coins are available to use only with this generator, it’s impossible to find gratis currency in other places. But fortunately for you these Homescapes cheats for iPhone and Android may be used by you regularly. Just forget about spending your private cash in the game, just hack it and enjoy a new gratis version of your gameplay!


Prices of Homescapes coins you must pay if you use this app without the generator

Homescapes if free to download like many other mobile games. But it’s also based on micro-transactions that are almost required in your gameplay. But now you can use some Homescapes cheats to hack the game and save your cash this way. How much can you save?

Official prices of Homescapes coins are from 0.99 USD to 99.99 USD. You can purchase different packages of currency such as Handful of Coins, Purse of Coins, Piggy Bank with Coins, Pot of Coins, Crate Full of Coins or Chest Full of Coins. Or you can just use the Homescapes hack and get the same for free. So what is your decision?

How to hack almost unlimited free coins in Homescapes?

Forget about buying coins in Homescapes, now you can get them for free! How to hack them? You must use a special cheat for Homescapes that is available for players with iOS (iPhone) and Android.

Can you connect your device with the Internet? It means you can also use this method and get Homescapes free coins you can spend the way you want to make your gameplay easier and more interesting. This help costs nothing and you can get it even right now if you need some coins, so be smart and use this adder!


What this cheat method for Homescapes is?

This Homescapes cheat unlimited system is a mix of an ordinary generator and a mod apk. Used online, it’s available all the time. Recently updated with a special 2020 mode, it has been the most powerful tool you can find in the whole web. Thanks to this you can make your Homescapes gameplay simpler and more entertaining.

The whole process of generating free coins is very intuitive and almost the same both for iOS and Android. Thanks to this users of both these operating systems can generate items with the same efficiency. What’s more, if you use this adder for your private purposes, there aren’t any limits for you as a client. The only forbidden things is generating resources for other accounts for money. This generator is free and it should stay free for all users. You can’t do anything to earn on this hack.

How to use this cheat to hack in Homescapes?

You can wonder what you must do to get Homescapes free items. It’s very simple and intuitive. everything you must do in this generator is included in a guide you can see during the entire process.

So if you’re afraid of anything connected with the process of getting resources for Homescapes, just initiate it and check how easy it is! If your connection with the Internet is stable, you can complete it in few minutes! It means you can get extras for the game as a short break in your gameplay. So if you love Homescapes and you don’t want to waste your cash anymore, you should try this method and find out how much you can save with this hack!


Some last words before you start to hack Homescapes

Homescapes is quite interesting mobile game available both for iOS and Android. Now you can play it without any limits because you can use cheats that are compatible with iPhone and Android appliances. As you can see, it’s available to avoid paying in Homescapes. The only price you must pay is a while of your time with this adder. It’s rather worth to spend 5 minutes generating than spending cash to get coins.

If you want to play Homescapes and the same time still have money in your pocket, now you have found a solution. This generating system for hacking was designed and created for people like you. So if you’re a player of Homescapes, you can hack the game even right now. Don’t wait any longer, just cheat a little and save cash the same way!

There are millions players of this game around the World and a huge part of them use the hacking system you can access here. It shows that our generating mod is something reliable that works for real. Try it and decide if it’s better still to pay for coins or to get them for free. It’s only your decision what you prefer!